How to install empower ® slides

The install files will save to your Downloads area. Locate the zip file called, "9.0" then;
  1. Ensure all instances of PowerPoint and Excel are shut down

  2. Double click the "empowerSuite-express.exe" within the .zip download file 

  3. Follow the onscreen prompts

  4. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (to ensure the install completes correctly)

Should you encounter any download or install issues contact

I have installed empower ® slides, can you show me around?

Sure thing, empower ® slides is pretty awesome...

To help you get the best out of your trial please watch this recorded training by clicking on the icon.

empower ® slides library tools

This recorded training shows you the empower slides library tools.

empower ® slides layout tools

This recorded training shows you the amazing empower layout tools.

empower ® charts

This recorded training shows you the main features of empower charts.