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How to install empower® slides

The install files will save to your Downloads area. Locate the zip file called, "Slides 9.2" then;
  1. Ensure all instances of PowerPoint and Excel are shut down

  2. Double click the "empowerSuite-express.exe" within the .zip download file 

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install.

  4. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (to ensure the install completes correctly)

Should you encounter any download or install issues contact
Click the above button to download the product manual for empower® Slides

I have installed empower ® slides, can you show me around?

Sure thing, empower ® slides is pretty awesome...

To help you get the best out of your trial please watch this recorded training by clicking on the icon.

empower ® slides library tools

This recorded training shows you the empower slides library tools.

empower ® slides layout tools

This recorded training shows you the amazing empower layout tools.

empower ® charts

This recorded training shows you the main features of empower charts.

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