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empower update sample slides download instructions
  1. Click on the PPT icon (to the right of this textbox) to download the samples (in a zip folder) to your Downloads location

  2. Once downloaded, select the zip and then EXTRACT ALL to unzip the file in preparation for uploading to empower

  3. In the empower library in PowerPoint, create a folder in your Company Library folder called 01. LINKED SLIDES

  4. Open the PowerPoint file in the unzipped 01. LINKED SLIDES folder. Once open Select all the slides via the Thumbnail view in the Normal Slide view in PowerPoint and then in the empower ribbon select "Save > Multiple Slides > Save As".

  5. When asked where to save the Multiple Slides select the folder you created in the empower library called 01. Linked Slides - (the folder you created in 3 above).


* Click the icon to download the zip file containing the sample files for the update test.

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