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How to install empower ® slides for Mac

(macOS - Big Sur & above)
View a demo of a Mac install here
Click to download the product manual for empower® Slides for Mac
The install files will save themselves in your Downloads area. Find them then;
  1. Ensure PowerPoint is shut down

  2. If you have an existing version of empower slides for Mac you don't have to uninstall previous versions (if you experience problems installing then we recommend you uninstall). If you previously enabled Rosetta to install empower you must remove it from PowerPoint AND empower

  3. Double click on the downloaded file to open it

  4. Double-click the pkg to run the installer and follow the onscreen prompts

  5. After installation has completed, the sync will run automatically. It will notify you when it is complete. You can continue to use PowerPoint during the syncing process.  If this is your first time installing empower the sync can take 10-15 minutes to complete

I've installed empower ® slides for Mac, can you show me around?

Sure thing, empower ® for Mac is pretty awesome...

To help you get the best out of your trial please watch this recorded training by clicking on the icons below.

empower ® for Mac overview

This recorded training shows you the empower for Mac slides library tools.

I've watched the videos, given empower ® slides for Mac a try, what now?

Awesome, let's get you up and running fully on empower ®  slides for Mac

Click on the above button to get started now, or we will contact you before your 30-day trial ends to check you want to continue. Now our team gets to work to set up;

  • your online version of empower ® and create your own area (please note you will need to send us your PowerPoint template at this point if you want it

  • your free live introductory training to answer your empower ® specific questions


I am trialling empower to see if it can help with a specific problem I have with PowerPoint. I would like to speak to an expert who can tell me if it will help

To do this click on the button above which will send you to our online calendar to arrange a convenient time.

Sorry to hear that. Thank you for trying empower ® slides + charts

Please click the cancel button above and we will end your trial and ensure you are not charged

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