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We are sorry you are having issues

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Please follow the instructions below;​
  1. Download the tool from the empower Removal Tool button above.

  2. Extract the archive.

  3. The (unzipped) folder contains the file empowerRemovalTool.CLI.exe. This is referred to as the empower Removal Tool.

  4. The empower Removal Tool must be run with administrative privileges. Otherwise, it will not run.

  5. The empower Removal Tool can only be run when none of the following Microsoft Office applications are running: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.

  6. None of these applications must be running while the empower Removal Tool is executing. Otherwise, the process will be interrupted and fail.

  1. Please reproduce the issue again, noting the time, if possible preferably to the second. This way, we can assign the entries from the log files to each of your steps and analyse the logs efficiently .

  2. Click on the green button above to download the diagnostic tool.

  3. Unzip the file called "_empower support" and open the unzipped folder called "_Information Collector".

  4. Double click on the file named "InformationCollector.CLI.exe". A window should now pop up and immediately close.

  5. The tool will create a new ZIP file called "" within the same folder.

  6. Please email this ZIP file to and also state the approximate time when the error occurred.

  7. If the issue affects a specific presentation, or you receive error messages, please also send us the presentation in question and a screenshot of any related error message.​​

Click on the link to the left to download the installer file for empower Full 9.0

Click on the link to the left to download the installer file for empower Lite 9.0

Click on the link above to download the empower Lite license converter

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