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learn to love using PowerPoint...

Imagine the skills of your best PowerPoint designer available to all of your users.
  • empower ® slide libraries reduce time spent searching for relevant and up-to-date slides 

  • empower ® formatting tools strengthen your brand ensuring near 100% consistent presentations

  • empower ® enables users to format presentations 40% faster than with native PowerPoint

See how your firm can save time and effort when working with PowerPoint

empower for PowerPoint

Enabling companies to create better presentations in less time.


Better presentations in less time

With empower you can create better presentations in less time and every presentation will comply with your Corporate Design guidelines.

A leading market research firm asked 1,017 employees at 300+ firms what they spent their time in PowerPoint.


of all employees regularly work with PowerPoint


hours per week working with PowerPoint


of this time is spent formatting slides


​of all presentations comply with corporate brand guidelines


of all presentations are created based on existing slides


said they spent "significant" time searching for slides

Right Aligned are a strategic partner of empower® 

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