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Word taking the wind out of
your work day?

Imagine the skills of your best Microsoft Word designer available to all of your users.
  • empower ® docs is a fully integrated Content Management System that sits in the Word Ribbon-menu.

  • empower ® docs allows users in a company to quickly create uniform documents and access common knowledge sources.

  • With integrated company information, empower docs ensures compliance with legal requirements.

  • empower ® docs is part of a holistic product Suite for Microsoft Office that enables efficient and cross-program work in PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook.

Functionality of empower docs

Central template management


  • Provision of all Word templates from one location

  • Advanced user rights concept

  • multilingualism

  • Automatic offline synchronization

Profiles & Locations

  • Automatic entry of sender information with own profile

  • Select other senders as needed

  • Management and use of multiple site identifiers and legal forms

Central template management

  • Address data

  • Directly insert Outlook contacts or other sources into any document

Central text element administration

  • Predefined, central text blocks to insert

  • Text blocks can also contain images, tables, and diagrams

Show or hide your stationery 

  • Logo and header and footer can be dynamically displayed and dimmed

Manage footer information


  • Central administration of all footer data

  • Automatically update footer data

Restricted formatting tools


  • E.g. Fonts, sizes and colors

  • Locked format templates

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