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How to install empower® AI Assistant

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Please note: the empower AI Assistant is PC ONLY - the Mac version is not available yet...
The install files will save to your Downloads area. Locate the zip file called, "empower AI", then;
  1. Ensure all instances of Word, PowerPoint and Outlook are shut down

  2. Unzip "empower AI" in your downloads area

  3. Double click the "AI Assistant Setup PerUser.MSI" within the unzipped folder (the unzipped folder will be named "empower AI Assistant" so long as you do not change it's name). Please note;

    1. if you do not run the AI Assistant Setup PerUser.MSI installer from a location which contains the associated Payload folder the installation will not work

    2. if are downloading and unzipping and you do not have the Payload folder, delete the download and retry  

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install.

  5. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (to ensure the install completes correctly)

Should you encounter any download or install issues contact
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